Energy Trading as a Service

We offer specialised trading desk services that cover all market segments — from real-time reserve markets to day-ahead and financial power derivatives.

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Precision in energy trading  

In today's dynamic energy markets, opportunity and challenge go hand in hand. Whether you're a utility, an independent power producer or a corporate energy manager, Volue is your go-to partner for mastering European power markets. We offer specialised trading desk services that cover all market segments — from real-time reserve markets to day-ahead and financial power derivatives. 

Exploit market arbitrage opportunities, optimise asset scheduling, and elevate your portfolio management with our integrated solutions. We're not just navigating the energy markets; we're expanding their boundaries to fuel your growth. Our experienced team of experts utilize all their market knowledge on our clients behalf. 

Seamless trading through algorithmic excellence

Renowned industry-wide for our algorithmic trading expertise, Volue elevates you beyond mere market participation. Utilise our proprietary Volue Algo Trader software to seize real-time opportunities on intraday trading, down to 15 minute contracts. Our cutting-edge platforms execute each trade with pinpoint accuracy, granting you a decisive edge in fast-paced markets.
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Transparent success with performance-based partnerships

Transparency isn't just a buzzword; it's the cornerstone of our client relationships. Our success is aligned with yours, thanks to performance-based pricing models. With Volue, you're not just another client; you're a partner.

Proactive asset management: Real-time market adaptability

Our real-time market response tools keep you ahead of the curve. Adapt swiftly to market volatility, whether due to changing weather conditions or price shifts. From load-shedding optimisation to demand-response strategies, we empower you to act on market dynamics proactively.
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Why choose Volue for your energy trading?

Strategic expertise

Strategic expertise

Our team's in-depth industry knowledge covers energy derivatives, commodities, and complex trading strategies.

Holistic approach

Holistic approach

Avoid the pitfalls of fragmented systems with our all-encompassing suite of trading solutions.

Custom-fit strategies

Custom-fit strategies

From risk management to asset optimisation, our solutions are tailor-made to meet your specific goals.

Do you want to know more about our energy trading services?

If you aim to optimise your energy assets through data-driven strategies, advanced technological solutions, and 24/7 expert support, Volue is your perfect partner. Reach out today to explore untapped potentials for growth and efficiency in the Nordic energy markets.
Richard Schytte, Chief Commercial Officer

Richard Schytte, Chief Commercial Officer