Hourly Price Forward Curves

Hourly Price Forward Curves (HPFC) is an essential tool for pricing load profiles in power trading and sales. Covering a timeline from day-ahead to 5 years ahead, our analytical service spans across 19 price areas, providing a synthetic hourly distribution of EEX and NordPool futures.

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Seamless Integration with Trading Systems

Seamless Integration with Trading Systems

Our Hourly Price Forward Curves (HPFC) product offers easy accessibility through our API, providing a seamless integration with various trading systems. Whether you prefer Python or Excel, our product ensures a userfriendly experience, enabling efficient data retrieval for enhanced decision-making in power trading.

Customizable Forecasting

Customizable Forecasting

Tailor your trading strategy with our HPFC, covering a timeline from day-ahead to 5 years ahead across 19 price areas. The length of the forecast depends on the availability of contracts and is therefore dependent on the price area.

Daily Insights

Daily Insights

Stay ahead of market trends with our HPFC, published every working day and accessible through our API.

Continuous and Customisable Forecast

Published every working day, our HPFC includes up to four curves for each area, reflecting different contract maturities. The methodology for distributing futures contracts into hourly forecasts through the HPFC involves a two-step process. First, computing the load-specific price by utilising the most recent base and peak prices available from the source, and creating price profiles by combining the off-peak and peak price curves. Second, after establishing the off-peak and peak price curve, creating an hourly price profile using residual load forecasts and other inputs.

With merged and individual curves for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly contracts, our HPFC offers a continuous and customisable forecast, empowering traders with accurate hourly price insights for informed decision-making. Calculated through load-specific price and scaling profiles, our forecasts ensure arbitrage-freeness and are accessible through our API.

See the areas we cover marked in orange in the overview below:

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