Mid-term Markets Analysis

Amidst the ongoing integration of European power markets, the shift of the Japanese power market to organised exchanges, and escalating power market price volatility, the significance of futures and forward contracts is surging. Our comprehensive forward/future market price forecasts offer insightful, dynamic data, empowering customers to craft effective hedging strategies.

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Futures and Forward markets analysis

We specialise in fundamental forecasting, equipping traders with valuable insights to navigate market uncertainties. Beyond that, we prepare customers for the green energy landscape, ensuring they are well-positioned to harness opportunities in the evolving energy sector. Anticipate market dynamics and make informed decisions with our forward-thinking approach.

Product features:

  • Distinguished by its initial emphasis on the Nordic futures market, our product excels in harnessing robust market models. The Nordic futures analytics are specifically designed to navigate the hydro-prevalent dynamics of the Nordic Power markets, as it also ensures exceptional quality for thermal and nuclear-based scenarios in Central West Europe, Central East and South Europe, Iberia, and the UK.
  • Stay informed with our automated integration of critical market data. Receive hourly to daily updates, including the latest market closing prices for fuel and CO2, and urgent market messages (UMMs) from EEX, RTE, Elia, Elexon, and Entso-e Transparency. Our seamless system ensures real-time information, empowering you to make precise decisions in response to the dynamic fuel and CO2 markets.
  • Weather-driven fundamentals based on Volue Insight’s weather-to-fundamentals system, backed by the expertise of our distinguished group of Insight market analysts.

The Forward product covers the medium-term horizon, covering from today until 5 years into 
the future. The data on the app is displayed in weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly resolution, as well as seasonal resolution for the Japan market. Our Forward product is a data-driven powerhouse spanning today to five years ahead. Unleash the potential of dynamic data displayed in weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly resolutions, with an extra touch for the Japan market—seasonal resolution. Our API offers a gateway to the heartbeat of markets, offering hourly insights for Europe and an ultra-responsive 30-minute resolution for Japan. Transform your strategy, stay ahead, and ride the wave of precision with data that propels you into the forefront of market mastery.

The product covers all the Nordic and Baltic price areas, central west Europe, Iberia, the UK, 
central eastern Europe and the majority of south east Europe - highlighted in vibrant orange in the overview below. We deliver power price and supply balance forecasts for all Italian bidding 
zones, going beyond the standard. In Japan, our coverage extends across the entire country, 
meticulously divided into 10 bidding zones.

Our analyst on duty publishes our Daily Market Report table before the market opens (roughly around 7:45 AM CET).

This report contains all the relevant information needed for you to be able to be prepared for when the market opens. In the Nordic part, we also present the shifts expected in the hydrological balance, precipitation, and temperatures, alongside their shifts between the last weather runs.

The Forward and SpotEx services are different in their fundamental modelling approach and also coverage of different time horizons.

Forward, modelling the present and the next four years, employs unit dispatch and merit order models for a robust analysis.

SpotEx, our short-term model, focuses on the next 90 days with an hourly resolution, harnessing the capabilities of machine learning techniques.

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