Technical Analysis

Providing detailed Technical Analysis to facilitate practical decision making insights and seamless integration with risk management, it gives you an edge in navigating Continental-European and Nordic power markets.

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Comprehensive Technical Analysis

Comprehensive Technical Analysis

Our analytics product provides a thorough Technical Analysis of the most critical power future contracts and key price drivers in Europe. Utilizing various techniques such as trend detectors, trend followers, candlestick charting, Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, and a range of indicators including MACD, RSI, Stochastic, and more, we offer a holistic view of the market. This in-depth analysis is updated daily on, offering valuable insights for both short-term and midterm perspectives.

Purely fundamental approach

Purely fundamental approach

As a secondary, independent opinion, the Technical Analysis can deliver valuable input extending the purely fundamental approach followed within the general analytical philosophy of Volue Insight.

User-Friendly Technical Snapshot

User-Friendly Technical Snapshot

Our Technical Analysis reports are designed to be user-friendly, serving as a quick and efficient technical snapshot for those who may not have the time or expertise to conduct their own analysis. Accessible through, our reports present complex technical data in a clear and concise manner, making it easy for power trading professionals to integrate these insights into their daily decisionmaking processes.

Daily Technical Reports

Empower your power trading decisions with our analytics product, offering daily Technical Analysis reports on critical contracts and key price drivers. Accessible through, our user-friendly platform presents expert-formulated conclusions for both short-term and midterm perspectives. Covering power futures, commodities like Brent Crude and CO2 allowances, and indicators such as MACD and RSI, our comprehensive approach adapts to market conditions. Our reports serve as time-efficient technical snapshots, streamlining decision-making for professionals in Continental-European and Nordic power markets. The platform is not just a charting tool but a refined decision support system, customizable to specific trading strategies. Our technical reports are updated every trading day.

Commodities covered:

  • Power futures: front- and second frontyear, front- and second 
    frontquarter futures on the Epex (for the German power) and on 
    Nasdaq (for the Nordic power)
  • Brent Crude (rolling month contract)
  • EETS CO2 allowances (Dec contract)
  • API2 Coal (front year and front quarter contracts)
  • EUR/$ Exchange rate

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