Volue Ancitra - Balancing Market Bidding

Unlock the value of flexibility in your assets with Volue Ancitra - an automated bidding support tool for reserve auctions and activation markets in Europe.

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Volue Ancitra gives you full overview of the sent bids and the results. The solution covers the balancing capacity markets and the energy activation markets, and has a direct interface with the TSOs. Ancitra supports the European market design as introduced through the EU harmonisation platforms of MARI and PICASSO and is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Automated Bidding

Automated Bidding

Unlock the value of flexibility by cross market bidding in Ancitra. Automate the bidding process by setting up automatic schedules and recurrent jobs. Reduce operational risks with the automated updates of your reserve market obligations and options.

Monetise Flexibility

Monetise Flexibility

Participate in all balancing markets and unlock the value of your flexible assets. Get a unique overview of your flexibilities, obligations and limits, and efficiently bid available flexibility in the different balancing markets – including primary, secondary and tertiary (FCR, aFRR, mFRR).

Open and Modular

Open and Modular

Ancitra integrates with any power production planning or optimisation solution. Import bid suggestions from optimisation solutions as a starting point for bidding in capacity or energy activation markets. Bid available energy at optimal, profitable prices and increase revenue by creating and updating bids close to real-time.

With the help of the Volue Ancitra software, we will be ready to trade in compliance with Statnett's new protocol.

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Facts about Volue Ancitra

Volue Ancitra is for power producers, traders, aggregators and other participants in the TSO's balancing markets who want to monetise their flexibility's value through participation in the balancing market capacity auctions and the balancing energy activation market.
Ancitra is currently available in the Nordics, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany. We are in the process of adding support for other countries. Contact us if you are looking for a solution for another European country.

Volue Ancitra can be used as a standalone application for bidding in the balancing market, but it can also be integrated with any production planning or optimisation solution based on a standard API. It can be used seamlessly with Volue’s production planning and optimisation solutions.

Integration with a production planning or optimisation solution offers:

  • Import and synchronise the planned production per asset, minimum, maximum, and other limits. This allows, for instance, to adapt the bids when the planned production of your assets changes.
  • Import of bid suggestion generated by the optimisation solution – for instance, based on the import of marginal costs as a basis for bidding in the energy activation market.

Volue Ancitra is a cloud-based SaaS solution, meaning you would not need to install and configure the application. Accessed through the web, the application is already running and configured and ready for you to use. In addition, we have regular releases and upgrades that become immediately available to you.

Yes, Volue's Insight portfolio provides Imbalance Analysis for the German and Austrian power markets. 

Key Functionality

  • Intuitive overview of current bids and reserve obligations in all markets.
  • Support for bidding of both balancing reserve capacities and balancing energy.
  • Bid generation through:
    • Manual bid entry or adaptation through the user interface.
    • Automatic bid generation based on limits and rules for your assets.
    • Integration with any production planning or optimisation solution.
  • Comprehensive automation functionality, e.g. to adapt bids and send bids every 15 minutes in the balancing energy market.
  • Direct communication with TSO through a supported communication channel for the given market.
  • Support for the market rules of the new European balancing market design based on the introduction of MARI and PICASSO as European platforms.
  • Support for automation of the electronic activation process for mFRR.

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Wince Wong, Product Manager

Wince Wong, Product Manager