Volue Grid Calculator

Volue Grid Calculator is a cloud-based solution that simplifies grid calculations with a user-friendly, map-focused interface accessible on both computers and mobile devices.

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Easy and accessible grid calculations

Volue Grid Calculator empowers users without requiring expertise in advanced grid calculations. Effortlessly sourcing grid data from ArcGIS Utility Network or a similarly structured documentation source, it seamlessly integrates with load/production data from different sources. It also provides the ability to calculate and compare multiple operational scenarios.

Grid Calculator's intuitive interface ensures that grid calculation results are easily understood by everyone, unlocking actionable insights for your team. 

Grid calculations made available

Grid calculations made available

No in-depth knowledge of grid calculations required.

Improved decision-making

Improved decision-making

Consistent calculations enabling quicker and better decisions.

Seamless onboarding process

Seamless onboarding process

Easy and quick onboarding process in the cloud.

Grid Calculator Service

Volue Grid Calculator uses the map services from your GIS system to visualise the grid, and the Grid Calculator Service to orchestrate the calculations and return the result.

As a service administrator you can orchestrate the Grid Calculator Service to support the users in their everyday work to efficiently run and interpret calculation results from the Grid Calculator.

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Security and operations

Volue Grid Calculator is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS), which means that operations, logging and surveillance is taken care of by Volue. The services are reliable on uptime and performance. Administrators will be notified about planned maintenance, and the services can instantly be shut down if deviating behaviour is detected.

Volue Grid Calculator access your data through secured web adaptors, accessing the services provided by your data sources. The Grid Calculator does not request more data than what is required for that specific calculation. If you run a low voltage calculation, the dataset requested contains only grid, load and production data for that particular subnetwork.

For Elvia the modular architecture and the access to the backend APIs that Grid Calculator provides is a non-negotiable feature. The APIs provide Elvia with a flexibility on where they incorporate and take advantage of grid calculations.

Vegard HøynesProject Manager, Elvia

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Isak Bergset, Nordic Sales Manager

Isak Bergset, Nordic Sales Manager