Closing gaps in the neighbourhood energy system

Harnessing the full solar potential

The need to transform Europe's energy system is apparent. In addition to tackling the climate challenge, we strive for energy security. This conscious transition has wide legislative backing, and there is no turning back.

The rollout of rooftop solar is gaining momentum as Europe works to put solar panels on new public, commercial, and residential buildings to replace fossil fuels in homes, industry, and power production.

Private home roof covered with solar photovoltaic

At the same time, the local grid operators have been capping the solar production and limiting how much solar you can install on your rooftop, as the grid is not dimensioned to handle it. The result is counterproductive as we are losing the full production potential.

Currently, the regulations are implemented country by country with the demand to enable households to utilise the entire rooftop for solar panels and prohibit production capping.

This paves the way for localised energy coordination, what we call neighbourhood energy coordination. And that – that is what Spark is all about!

Smarter energy coordination

By 2030, there will be 200 million small-scale energy assets in Europe. This includes rooftop solar, small wind and hydro, biomass and geothermal power, as well as storage such as electric vehicles (EVs) and residential water heaters.

Our vision is to accelerate the green transition on a neighbourhood level by coordinating distributed energy resources in a smarter way.

Kjetil Storset Spark Lead

Distributed energy resources can facilitate a more intelligent use of the power grid, but we need a highly intelligent energy system to handle the complexity. We are tackling this complexity by building smart services that manage the behaviour of all connected resources within a neighbourhood energy system in a sustainable and scalable way that benefits everyone!

New market opportunities for EVs

Our need for electric power is rapidly growing and with it the production. As more electric vehicles (EVs) enter the scene, it challenges the local grid. We see an excellent opportunity to support the power system with the needed flexibility, in combination with the solar initiative rollout.

Man charging electric vehicle paying for energy

We will help grid operators recognise EV charging as essential to the solution. We have extensive knowledge and tools to predict where and when the grid will face risk and, at the same time, offer resources, like EVs, that can help before the problem occurs.

We are creating a new market opportunity for earning money from EV flexibility at the neighbourhood level. To get there, we are building a partner ecosystem of smart charging service providers, EV manufacturers, grid operators and many more.

If you have an EV fleet or provide EV charging services, reach out to us as we can optimise the value of your fleet and charging services.

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Join the Spark partner ecosystem as a DSO

We aim to increase field worker safety and enable risk management and grid-aware neighbourhood energy coordination for Distribution System Operators (DSOs). Smart energy coordination will help you absorb the increased solar rollout and optimise energy distribution locally. We’d like to hear from you and explore the possibilities together!

Are you our new colleague?

We are expanding our team and are on the lookout for proactive people with problem-solving attitudes. You won’t be pushing code/pixels/text around but instead creating answers to challenges we face. You will have a significant say in how we build a solution that will be an integral part of the green neighbourhood of tomorrow.

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Exciting projects await, and you'll have brilliant, optimistic colleagues to work with. Part of the big Volue family, we operate as a nimble, tight and diverse team of 20, and we look forward to welcoming more developers, architects, product specialists, consultants and other proactive people! Read more and check available positions here.

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If you are a potential partner or if you want to learn more about Spark and stay up to date on news regarding this topic, please contact us!


If you are a potential partner or if you want to learn more about Spark and stay up to date on news regarding this topic, please contact us!

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Changemakers: How Volue Will Help Power and Car Companies Tap Into Distributed Energy Resources

Over the next months, Kjetil Storset and his team will use Volue’s massive knowledge of the power market to build tools that accelerate the integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) to better utilize the existing power grid infrastructure.

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