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Managing water and wastewater networks is a complex job, which is why we have developed the Gemini-portfolio. Our system offers vital information about your networks such as pipe material, dimension, operational history, and additional network data that affect water and waste-water management – 24/7. The solutions are easy to use, even in the field. No wonder 85% of the Norwegian water industry puts their trust in our expertise.

Water and Wastewater
Water and Wastewater

Water Operations

Good water quality is essential to human health. Volue is a frontrunner in the digitalisation of the water, wastewater, and stormwater network. Our solutions give an excellent overview of the network, the condition and maintenance needs, enabling the municipalities to work more effectively.


Gemini Portal

Gemini Portal gives access to water and sewage data in real time and is primarily designed for professionals who work in the field. The solution is used by approximately 5,000 professionals in the Norwegian water industry.

Gemini Portal+

Gemini Portal+ is an integrated software solution for the digital water age. It brings together in a single interface real-time data from IoT sensors and SCADA system vendors. It handles planned and unplanned events in a single system, provides insight into the end-users of the water and sewage services, as well as integrates operational planning functionality in the tool.

Gemini Private

Gemini Private is a solution portfolio for documentation and follow-up of all types of private facilities and objects that are either connected to the municipality's water infrastructure or for which the municipality has an administrative responsibility.

Gemini VA

Gemini VA is the market-leading solution in Norway for management and documentation of the water and sewage network. Gemini VA registers the pipe network for water and sewage, as well as installations in the network such as manholes, drains, pumping stations and overflows.

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