Use-Case: Automated Gas Trading Execution for Gas-Fired Power Plants

Our gas algo trader solution can be a valuable tool for gas-fired power plants. It can help enhance trade efficiency, accuracy, and manage risk using advanced algorithms and real-time monitoring.

Gas-fired power plant

In the gas trading market for gas-fired power plants, traders encounter challenges in executing trades efficiently due to the simultaneous movements of multiple commodities and obligations. The current manual handling of time-critical optimisation outcomes results in cumbersome and time-consuming processes for traders.

Our solution

We developed an algorithmic gas trading solution focused on the automated execution of trades for gas-fired power plants. This solution leverages advanced algorithms to optimise the trading execution process based on real-time market conditions and predefined trading strategies.

Our objectives

  • Streamline the gas trading execution process by automating the order placement and fulfilment for gas-fired power plants.
  • Enhance the speed and accuracy of trade execution to capitalise on market opportunities and mitigate risks promptly.
  • Alleviate the manual workload and complexity associated with managing multiple commodities and obligations during the trading process.

Key features

  • Automated order placement: The algorithm will automatically place buy/sell orders based on the optimised trading strategies, considering multiple commodities and contractual obligations.
  • Real-time market monitoring: Our real-time market monitoring system continuously assesses the market conditions and adjusts trade execution strategies accordingly.
  • Risk mitigation: Risk management algorithms can identify and mitigate potential risks associated with market fluctuations and contractual obligations.
  • User-friendly interface: Our intuitive user interface allows traders to set preferences, review automated trade execution plans, and intervene when necessary.
  • Integration with all Trayport markets: The algo trader integrates seamlessly with Trayport to execute trades efficiently and minimise disruptions to the trader's workflow

Benefits of Volue Algo Tader Gas

  • Efficient trade execution: Reduce the time required for manual trade execution by automating the process, allowing traders to capitalise on market opportunities promptly.
  • Accuracy in execution: Enhance the accuracy of trade execution by leveraging algorithms to make data-driven decisions in real time.
  • Timely responses: Enable traders to respond quickly to market changes and optimise trade execution strategies in response to dynamic conditions.
  • Cost savings: Streamline trade execution processes, minimising the potential for errors and optimising trade outcomes, leading to cost savings and improved profitability.
  • Competitive advantage: Gain a competitive edge by adopting an automated gas trading solution that ensures swift and accurate trade execution in the dynamic gas trading market.
Image of stock data on screen to represent Volue Algo Trader Gas

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Volue Algo Trader Gas is a SaaS solution that enables utilities, energy traders, and flexibility providers to fully and reliably automate spot trading in the gas markets.

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