Use Case: Automated Gas Trading with Volue Algo Trader Gas: A Smart Solution for Dynamic Markets

Trading in today's dynamic gas markets requires traders to monitor volatile market conditions, make informed trading decisions, and manage risks effectively. Accordingly, traders require reliable and scalable trade execution which maximises returns through automated algorithmic strategies and seamless integration with the wider trading infrastructure.

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Our solution

Volue Algo Trader Gas is a cutting-edge algorithmic gas trading solution that automates the market execution of trades. The solution leverages advanced algorithms to optimise the trading execution process based on real-time market conditions and predefined trading strategies.

In 2024, we completely redesigned Volue Algo Trader Gas to provide a user-centric and tailored experience for gas trading. The new Volue Algo Trader Gas continues to incorporate the extensive knowledge and know-how from our trading experts in its trading strategies and operating logic.

Key features for professional gas traders

  • Automated order placement: Our advanced algorithms automatically place buy/sell orders based on optimised trading strategies, considering multiple commodities and contractual obligations.
  • Real-time market monitoring: Our real-time market monitoring system continuously assesses the market conditions and adjusts trade execution strategies accordingly.
  • Customisable trading strategies: While the default strategy configurations are designed to provide the best performance for most use cases, Volue Algo Trader Gas offers broad customisation possibilities and effortless switching between parameter templates.
  • Integration with existing trading infrastructure: Volue Algo Trader Gas is equipped with a well-documented RESTful API. The API is ideal for automating market execution for trading decisions made in an external system.
  • Broad market access through Trayport: Volue Algo Trader Gas integrates seamlessly with Trayport Joule to provide access to all common gas products and markets, minimising disruptions to the trader's workflow.
  • High performance and user-friendliness: Through redesign of the software in 2024, Volue Algo Trader Gas reliably handles vast trading volumes and supports efficient trader workflows. As Volue’s spearhead gas trading solution, the software is actively developed to leverage opportunities in the evolving trading landscape.

Benefits of Volue Algo Tader Gas

  • Efficient trade execution: Automate the trade execution process to reduce the time required for manual execution, allowing traders to capitalise on market opportunities promptly.
  • Accuracy in execution: Enhance the accuracy of trade execution by leveraging algorithms to make data-driven decisions in real time.
  • Timely responses: Enable traders to respond quickly to market changes and optimise trade execution strategies in response to dynamic conditions.
  • Cost savings: Streamline the trade execution process to minimise errors, optimise trade outcomes, and improve profitability.
  • Competitive advantage: Gain a competitive edge by adopting an automated gas trading solution that ensures swift and accurate trade execution in the dynamic gas markets.
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Learn more about Volue Algo Trader Gas

Volue Algo Trader Gas is a SaaS solution that enables utilities, energy traders, and flexibility providers to fully and reliably automate spot trading in the gas markets.

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