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Gemini Portal+ is an integrated software solution for the digital water age. It brings together in a single interface real-time data from IoT sensors and SCADA system vendors. It handles planned and unplanned events in a single system, provides insight into the end-users of the water and sewage services, and integrates operational planning functionality within the tool.

Gemini Portal software


User-friendly in the field and in the office. A solution where you can quickly get an overview of facilities, your tasks and not least your data – in the field! Information about the pipe network, historical events and ongoing activities available where needed.

Single system

Single system

Gemini Portal+ displays both planned and unplanned events in the water network in the same interface. Being connected to the SCADA system gives valuable information about network pressure, water flow, and temperatures. With an indication of water loss in the network, emergencies can be prioritised, while planned work can be rescheduled.

Overview and control

Overview and control

Gives organizational operational planners visibility to support the planning and decision-making process. The overview of the network and related events helps them prioritize ad hoc events and planned work.

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For more than 8 years, Gemini Portal has helped hundreds of municipalities and water utilities take huge strides in providing clean water, a service critical to society. With so much focus on data and digitalisation, Gemini Portal has been upgraded to address the needs of the water utilities and municipalities in the digital age. Breaking data silos for the first time, Gemini Portal+ is an integrated solution for the digital water age.

  • User-friendly application, which is applicable on both computer, tablet and phone

  • Access to NIS information, by ingesting the data you select from your NIS

  • Submit and review observations, or receive observations as triggers from other third party systems

  • Creation of events, both planned, recurring and unplanned events of situations that need to be handled by assigned personnel

  • History of performed work and observations related to the asset 

  • Filtering and personalisation of asset map view and dashboard

  • Admin-pages to customise the application to your organisation

Gemini Water Alert >>

Water Alert gives municipalities a good overview of the status of the water supply using intuitive maps and a simple user interface to detect water leakages. In this way, the municipality is always up to date on water flow with real-time data and can make data-driven decisions in daily operations. Water Alert uses machine learning to predict expected water flow through the coming days. If the water flow in a water flow zone rises to abnormally high values, the software solution gives an alarm to the user.

Gemini Communicator >>

Application for residents to report errors and deficiencies with the municipality, such as poor water quality, while the municipality can effectively process such inquiries. This is a cloud service related with Gemini Portal, which can be integrated into the municipality's website. Here, residents can easily go in to report a hole in the road or a water leak. This inquiry is automatically routed to the correct department in the municipality, which in turn can process the inquiry in an efficient manner.

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