We Are Realising the Green Transition

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Volue is a leading supplier of technology and enabler of the green transition. We offer software, insight and systems that lead the European markets’ transition to robust and sustainable services critical for society.

Our market-leading products optimise energy production, trading, distribution and consumption, as well as infrastructure and construction projects. Our mission is to realise a cleaner and more profitable future for our 2,200+ customers and thus the global society

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The Promise of Green Energy - CEO Story by Trond Straume

The energy market is changing at a breathtaking pace. At Volue, we specialise in helping power professionals manage renewable power, and we have been doing so long before it became a global issue. How? Listen to our CEO Trond Straume and learn how our technology realises a sustainable tomorrow.

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How We Work With Sustainability

The share of renewable power production in Europe increases steadily, and with this market volatility. Utilities need integrated and cloud-based IT solutions to remain competitive in this segment.

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The Volue Values

Kristin Wikstrøm, Head of People, explains how the Volue values of being TRUSTWORTHY EXPLORERS working TOGETHER for a SUSTAINABLE tomorrow guide the team and create a shared sense of purpose.

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Read our Diversity & Inclusion Policy

At Volue, we want to secure a diverse and inclusive workplace by providing equal opportunities in recruitment, development, promotions, and education. We are working towards being diverse and inclusive within the dimensions of age, ethnicity, gender, language, religion, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability and thinking styles. To achieve our goals, we have created our own diversity and inclusion policy.

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Volue is thriving under the guidance of a leadership who is dedicated, focused and experienced.

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