Frequently Asked Questions

We established Volue in March 2020 to make the green shift from fossil to renewable energy possible. Volue combines state-of-the-art software, insights, and services with in-depth domain knowledge to enable this massive transmission.

Powel, Scanmatic, Wattsight, Markedskraft, Likron and ProCom are part of Volue and will soon merge into the Volue brand. Here, we do our best to answer the most frequently asked questions about our new organisation and the respective companies' rebranding.

You are welcome to contact us directly at if you do not find answers to your questions.

What changes have taken place?

Starting from 01 January 2021, we will rename our group entities Powel, Scanmatic, Wattsight, and Markedskraft and their respective subsidiaries to Volue.

Likron and ProCom will be renamed to Volue as of 25th January 2022.