Solutions for the Entire Value Chain of Power Production Planning and Energy Trading

At E-world 2022, the energy industry will meet Volue for the first time as 'Volue' – Hall 3.


Dec 20, 2021

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Volue provides software solutions, market data and services for energy traders, power producers, municipal utilities, and distribution system operators.

In 2020, Volue was created to fast track the green transition, founded by some of the most experienced and innovative technology companies in the industry: Powel, Markedskraft, Scanmatic and Wattsight.

Later, Volue grew further through the acquisitions of the German companies Likron and ProCom. Likron is the pioneer in algorithmic energy trading and ProCom is an expert in optimisation enabling municipal utilities and industry customers to optimally run combined heat power plants, district heating and waste-to-energy plants.

“Volue offers software, market data and services to enable our customers to succeed in the green energy transition. We support the industry with software for automation of the entire value chain of power production planning and energy trading. We’ve earned the trust of the largest energy utilities in Europe: eight of the ten largest utilities already use Volue’s software. This is the first time we will meet the industry as ‘Volue’,” says Stefan Zähringer, VP Sales Europe at Volue.

With a growing share of renewables and the growing importance of intraday markets, end-to-end process automation and optimal use of flexibility are key to success. In Europe, more than 350 TWh of annual power generation is planned and optimised using Volue solutions.

“Volue has been a market leader in software not only for production planning and trading but also for grid operation in the Nordics for more than 30 years. Our cloud-based solutions streamline work processes in grid documentation, maintenance and operation and thus help to deliver smarter, greener energy,” says Stefan Zähringer.

With trading on interconnected marketplaces running 24-7, market participants depend on reliable data and analysis to create value and stay ahead of the game. Volue Insight provides real-time data, forecasts and market analysis on a scalable platform for the next 15 minutes, 30 years, and beyond.

Volue is very focused on sector coupling.

“At E-world we will launch a new service called ‘Forecaster’. The service handles distributed energy systems to enable added-value by local flexibility and local balancing,” says Stefan Zähringer.

Photo of Stefan Zahringer

This is the first time we will meet the industry as ‘Volue’.

Stefan Zähringer

VP Sales Europe, Volue

About Volue

Volue is a market leader in technologies and services that power the green transition. Based on 50 years of experience, Volue provides innovative solutions, systems and insights to industries critical to society. Over 700 employees work with more than 2,200 customers across energy, power grid, water and infrastructure projects that ensure a sustainable, flexible and reliable future. The company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and is active in 40+ countries.

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