Volue Network Collector

Volue Network Collector makes it easy to register and document the position and capabilities of low voltage assets - directly from the field. Registration is designed to be a streamlined part of the installation job - at the work site and by the use of a smartphone.

Submit documentation while in the field

Volue Network Collector is a mobile application that enables the field worker to register and submit documentation of everyday jobs in the grid, while still in the field. It offers the possibility to register properties, survey positions and photos of grid objects. The system works independently of the NIS system. 

Digital empowerment

Digital empowerment

Empower field workers to deliver high-quality asset documentation from the worksite to the cloud. Digital empowerment enhances worker security, motivation, and pride, raising the bar for top-tier documentation.

Reduce cost, increase quality

Reduce cost, increase quality

Enhance asset documentation quality by enabling on-site registration in real-time. Avoid duplication of effort and reduce costs by leveraging the expertise of infrastructure professionals. Save on hiring external experts for land surveying and documentation.

Low cost precision with the next generation GNSS technology

Low cost precision with the next generation GNSS technology

Unlock the power of affordable and precise sensor technology and computing power. Experience a business revolution with mobile tech and GNSS equipment solutions that dramatically reduce investment costs.

The use of external GNSS-equipment is simple and efficient, and it gives good results with high accuracy.

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Delivered as a software as a service

Network Collector is a software as a service (SaaS). This means that it places no demand on your own IT system. The log-in is via the Volue Cloud platform and all data will be available via web services. 

Volue ensures secure handling of the data and that the users have access to the latest version of Network Collector on Google Play and App Store. 

Network Collector is an online cloud solution. In the event of network problems, the data will be temporarily saved on the device and upload when the connection is recovered. 

How to get access to the data

Network Collector is delivered with a web API which gives access to reading the data saved in your team. This gives access to the data collected by Network Collector. 

You can set up personalised web app or dashboards to get required insights and overview of the data. The Volue consultants can help you customise this to your needs. 

NETBAS Geometry import can be configured to access the data collected in Network Collector. If you wish to access the data in other systems, Volue can provide you with consultancy services. 

Fast and easy onboarding for users

The grid administrator adds users through the Volue cloud platform. When a user is added to the team, they will receive an email invitation. To start register data, the field worker only has to accept the invitation and install Network Collector from Google Play or Apple Store.  They use their AD credentials to log in.

Do you want to know more or get a free trial?

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Isak Bergset, Customer Account Manager

Isak Bergset, Customer Account Manager

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